Monday, September 27, 2010

Ragnarok PVP!?

I know there haven't been new posts recently. Ever since Gravity took down the Closed Beta Servers not much new have been going on in the world of RO2. But rest assured Gravity took all the feedback from the players and are working hard on improving the game.

Meanwhile they've started asking their community about PVP. Personally I've always enjoyed PVP in MMO's and also the PVP in RO1. I saw some korean users mentioning World of Warcraft and Lineage 2 when it comes to PVP and PK'ing, which got me thinking.

What kind of PVP system would I like in Ragnarok 2?

The RO2 reboot is taking what is good from RO1. I actually really enjoy the epic battles of WOE and prestige of getting the good castles in RO1, but I think it might get too chaotic in a 3D game. There is no duel system or PK enabled (except for maybe Dead Branches) in the old Ragnarok. You had to go to a PVP enabled room and kill each other.

Rated arenas in WoW is really well done and the world pvp is really catering to the beginners. Unlike the korean MMO Lineage 2, which allows players to kill anyone, almost anywhere, but will get a form of penalty for doing so.

Too me, the ideal PVP in Ragnarok would have Guild battles of Castles or something similar, but also some kind of world PVP. Some rated team duels would also be cool. But I remember RO1 didn't even have any kind of PVP, when that made it was open Beta - so I'll be pleased for any kind of PVP early on in RO2, and I really appreciate Gravity asking the users about it.


  1. Duels would be awesome...much better than the free-for-all madness you see in WoW

  2. I thought you could PVP in RO long ago.

  3. Is RO2 worth playing right now? I played RO for a while, but stopped playing much after trans came out.