Thursday, September 2, 2010

First impressions + Archer gameplay

Here are some different first impressions from the 1st day of actual playtime. These are from different players and with lag, crash and only little time to actually play.

Keep in mind that the very point of a beta test is to find bugs and get feedback on the game.

"autoloot menu junk; get back the item drops like RO1"
"I do not like web start button"
"Net coding fails like RO1"
"why does my char hand goe through my weapons?"
"Picking crops?! im no novice i didnt sign up to be a farmer."
"Sorry Gravity the Emoticons from RO1 look like from some Chinese MMO"
"I don't see day and night, why?"
"Thnk you for adding RO1 top view. It works nicely just gittery sometimes."
"I wished characters had more detail."
"I don't see anything special, no cut scenes, no NPC zooms, its rather boring and linear, right?"
"This is GotW all over again ~ I was expecting more of an RO1 instead monsters, skill, maps, and classes are thrown in to make up for it. Gravity plez do something different with RO2 to make it RO1 but better than other MMOs. Cosmetics will not win over this one."
"no story, no opening."
"i'm crying for everyone that been hyped up"

"The game works - fast too like RO1."
"Animations are much more fluid."
"Love the extra outfits, ty"
"i like the mobs are different size based from their level of strength."
"Wow, my PC can actually run this"
"Maps are Large, Love it."
"Nice BGMs"
"Graphics look smooth and clean"
"Job Emblems are cool"
"the GUI and sfx are nice."
"controls are tight, i like it"

And now for some gameplay Archer action from the first day. No ingame sound.