Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CBT ended + site updates

The closed beta testing has ended, for now. It will begin again on a later time, so check back for that. Meanwhile I have spend the time updating the site a little and I have added some pages with information about the classes/battle job and life jobs.

Of course, all the information is subject to change since the game is still under development.

I will add more information and pages in the time to come, so be sure to check back once in a while.


  1. Soon we can all play until our fingers bleeds! :D

  2. I just need to know ONE specific thing. First of all, I'm a huge fan of Ragnarok Online. I've been playing it for over 6 years and I'm eager to play RO2. The question I have is: Can you modify stats or they go up automatically when you lvl up? If they go up automatically, it's just another L2/Aion game and I will be greately dissapointed at it D:

  3. St. Shallow: As it is now it will be automatic. However in the future they will add the option, so that players who want to manually add the stats can do so. Let me copy paste my source on that:

    7) please no autostats, if you want you can make an instructional video for that system, like AION does for its UI and basic commands. You have to find the balance between complex and simple, don't just go for the moneycows like WII did at at time.

    This is another topic I believe have been mis-understood. Though I don't think I can go too deep in details since this is being finalized, But here goes: Sir Jin-Soo's vision is that with the new systems it's going to be abit too messy to keep placing points left and right into things, so Auto-Stats will be available to people who wish to see their character grow without planning set numbers. You'll have options however.

    A common topic that used to come back and forth with local players was that some don't play for a great period of time, decides to come back to RO, and then they've forgotten what stats they were building, messing it all up. So with Auto-Stats it solves a huge issue about this.

    Another aspect is that we want to Grant users stats with Quests and other various methods, something that could never be achieved in RO1 since you have to place them yourself only by level-ups, equipments, or buffs. Instead with this new Auto-Stat system, we can force feed new stats to the players from each and everything they choose to do in the world thats being developed. Rewarding players with stat bonuses without leveling them up, but through their experience - this will defiantly create a bridge with player stats and experiences.

  4. I'm more and more interested in this game with each one of your posts.

  5. what an interesting perspective...

  6. P-Chan: Thank you A LOT for the answer. I was SO eager for a better-version-of-Ragnarok-Online that you CAN'T imagine.
    I personally think that building your character is the most fun that the game has. Your character will be 100% unique. You can have a Sorceror with Str and Agi, or you can have a Battle priest if you want to; You can have a Sonic Blow SinX or a Crit Sin, dual dagger or Katar... those amazing and absolutely different builds are the CORE of RO and that's what makes it ABSOLUTELY different from the rest. Doing the math to have 120 Int and 105 Dex with equip, is SO fun. Thinking about the equip that you need for different dungeons, and how versatile your character can be only by adding cards to your equipment... RO is just AMAZING. So... imagine that you get all that "complexity" with Unreal 2.5 engine graphics.... if someone knows something that can be even more amazing than that, just let me know.
    Again P-Chan, THANKS for your answer! Now lets just wait till the final release!!! =D

  7. Hey P-chan. when you said

    "St. Shallow: As it is now it will be automatic. However in the future they will add the option, so that players who want to manually add the stats can do so. Let me copy paste my source on that."

    can you share the source of that information? its not hat I don't believe it I just would like to have it so I can share it with this mmorpg forum that I post on.

  8. hey P-Chan, I'm just wondering if katars still exist in RO2? I've played the assassin class since the start of RO1. Your reply will be much appreciated. thanks!:D

  9. P-Chan, can you tell me if you're already playing CBT?

    Please message me on my Facebook©, my name there is "Russell M. Torralba"