Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Card pictures

Intro story and monsters

The people over at have dug out some stuff. There is a new story cinematic, and new monsters. It's nice to see some familiar monsters from RO1, and the animations are really cool.

Story intro:

Ragnarok intro story translation here:

New monsters and animations:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

RO2 Lore

A little background story video by Gravity, and below translation by Sepia:

Freyja was once a beautiful and kind goddess who loved all life. But because of her beloved Odin's betrayal, she became the goddess of destruction, burning with revenge. To destroy everything that Odin created, she began the great catastrophe, later to be called the "Day of Despair".

When Midgard fell into the brink of extinction, young heroes rose to save the land. Thanks to their endless courage and wisdom, Freyja was sealed and Midgard found peace once again.

A long time passed and the world became as it was before. In the age where the Day of Despair and Freyja both became merely legends, the official successor of the Rune-Midgart's royal family, Ignarts Gaebolg, constructs a new Rune-Midgarts kingdom.

The peaceful days continued, but one day, at the Armin ridge, near the Kingdom's capital Prontera, a dimensional gap appeared, emitting strange energy that changed the environment.

After great effort, the Kingdom's magicians were able to seal it. The Kingdom decided that there was a deep connection between the incidents all over the land and the dimensional gap, and created a special investigation team to further investigate.

Recruitment notices were announced all over the land. After reading the announcement, adventurers from all over the land began to gather in Prontera with their own dreams and ambitions...

Legend of the Second

Ragnarok 2,
its Second Legend begins.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CBT2 bug abuse

Nothing serious, just a little lightshow. Enjoy!

(Btw cool headgear on the thief)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Payon Region

In the upcomming Closed Beta Test, dubbed R-Care Test, there will be more new content added.

Payon forest! Which includes new monsters and two new dungeons.

The test time and date are as follows:

Testing Date:
January 25th~28th, 2011 (4 days)

Testing Time:

Thanks a lot to Sepia for translating.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Refine and Smelt System

Love it or hate it, the upgrade system was a big part of the classic Ragnarok Online. It is coming back in RO2.

Each refine level raises attack on weapons and defence on armor. It is harder to make a +9 then a +2.

There is also a Smelt system which lets you smelt items down to components needed to upgrade your other equipment.