Thursday, October 21, 2010

Information clarification

Chris Ruiz has clarified some of the information coming out of Gravity Koreas livestream.
  1. New Design for the character models have been arranged. New design to test Feedback
  2. Male and Female are FINALIZED. No promises for CBT#2 though.
  3. New Stat Builder system is being arranged.
  4. New systems that was NOT added to CBT1 will be arrange for testing.
  5. More user content such as different Quests and junctions between users.
  6. Fixing graphics and other bug issues from before.
  7. Fixing Server stabilizability based off of the findings from CBT#1.
  8. When to Expect CBT#2: Between Dec. 2010 - Early 2011.
It sounds like like we won't see or hear much of RO2 untill around christmas. Of course, if anything happens before, I'll do my best to keep this site updated.