Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cards of Ragnarok Online 2:LotS

There is not much info at the moment about how cards will work. We know that they aren't embedded into equipment, but your character. And you maintain the same abilities from the cards on you as you change equipment and weapons.

However some data mining in the beta client reveals what looks like a playing card.
You be the judge:

A Yoyo card from RO2?


  1. Keep this blog up to date, Because I'm intrested in this subject. I'm having a coffee break now ;)

  2. I'm currently trying to find more info about these cards. They're actually from a TCG that existed 5 years ago... now people claim to have found this in the RO2 client. Someone know if this is really true?

  3. how do we remove the cards then?